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Sep 19, 2010 11:00pm EDT
to scare the others, but, uh... i think melissa walls killed janice potter and dr. brusatti. caine: dr. madsen, why do you think she did it? about a week ago, janice came to my office and accused melissa of scientific misconduct. misconduct? she caught melissa doctoring the results of her study. (electrical zapping) (grunting) (subject panting and grunting) (panting) increase the voltage. i want to stop. the experiment requires you to continue. you know you want to do this. come on, let's go. (electrical zapping) (grunting) it's hurting him. and you're hurting my thesis. ugh, i can't do this anymore. (electrical zapping) (grunting) (grunting continues) see, i reviewed melissa's findings. she did doctor her studies. she manipulated the data to fit her theory. so we had no choice but to kick her out of the program. melissa: i have her to thank for my success. i'm moving on to a better institution because of it. you cheated, melissa. no, you fired me. what sort of message would we be sending the other students if there were no consequences to your actions? melissa: i can't believe this. y
Sep 19, 2010 11:00pm EDT
melissa walls killed janice potter and dr. brusatti. caine: dr. madsen, why do you think she did it? about a week ago, janice came to my office and accused melissa of scientific misconduct. misconduct? she caught melissa doctoring the results of her study. (electrical zapping) (grunting) (subject panting and grunting) (panting) increase the voltage. i want to stop. the experiment requires you to continue. you know you want to do this. come on, let's go. (electrical zapping) (grunting) it's hurting him. and you're hurting my thesis. ugh, i can't do this anymore. (electrical zapping) (grunting) (grunting continues) see, i reviewed melissa's findings. she did doctor her studies. she manipulated the data to fit her theory. so we had no choice but to kick her out of the program. melissa: i have her to thank for my success. i'm moving on to a better institution because of it. you cheated, melissa. no, you fired me. what sort of message would we be sending the other students if there were no consequences to your actions? melissa: i can't believe this. you're just gonna ruin my career? we'll speak
Sep 30, 2010 7:00am EDT
very much. >> al is outside. go ahead. >> good morning. we have a tent for jeremy and melissa's wedding because the rain will keep coming down. we have remnants of nicole. ex-nicole but a secondary low pressure system has developed in north carolina. we have a tornado watch from the carolinas to washington d.c. until 1:00 this afternoon, with all this moisture streaming up here. we also have the risk of strong storms from cape hatteras all the way to new york city in long island, possibility of tornados developing during this system. here's what we're expecting. we have flood watches and warnings. you can see all the heavy rains making its way up the coast during the afternoon to early tomorrow morning. this rain lasts into new england until tomorrow morning. good news is the weekend looks pretty good. flash flood watches today into tonight and have flash flood watches as well why? rainfall amount, anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain. inland around washington d.c., parts of eastern pennsylvania and on in to central new york, 5 to 7 inches of rain over the next 48 hours. flooding is a bi
Sep 30, 2010 7:00am PDT
a tent up for melissa and jeremy's wedding thankfully because this rain is going to keep coming down. let's take a look and see what's going on. we've got the remnants of nicole. these -- it's ex-nicole, but a secondary low pressure system has developed in north carolina. we have a tornado watch from the carolinas to washington, d.c., until 1:00 this afternoon. we've also got the risk of strong storms from cape hatteras to new york city and long island. possibility of tornadoes developing during this system. we've got flood watches and warnings. you can see the heavy rain making its way up the coast during the afternoon into early tomorrow morning. this rain lasts into new england until tomorrow evening. the good news is the weekend looks pretty good. flash flood watches in effect today through tonight. we have flash flood watches and flood watches. why? rainfall amounts, anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain, but inland around washington, d.c., parts of eastern pennsylvania, and on into central new york, 5 to 7 inches of rain over the next 48 hours. so flooding is going to be a big problem
Sep 2, 2010 8:25am PDT
here, melissa and jeremy, and then once we spent some time with them we gave you our four choices for the reception location here in new york city. well, we still need your help. got to go there and vote to our website at learn more about our couple, melissa and jeremy, and check out the choices and vote for your favorite location. >> or you can head to and follow our wedding progress and we'll also be checking our page for your comments and your votes. you can also text in your votes at 62269 -- 622639, next 1 for hudson terrace, 2 for central park zoo. or 3 for gotham hall. we'll reveal the winning locations next wednesday. they're all beautiful. >> later you want to batten down the hatches and nail down the tables in the studio because the real housewives of new jersey are coming by. uh-oh. >> okay. >> before we go any further speaking of battenning things down, let's go to al, he's on the outer banks of north carolina where hurricane earl is fast approaching. al, good morning again. >> good morning, guys. again, about 350 miles south of c
Sep 30, 2010 9:00am EDT
," a thursday morning. that was a couple minutes ago on the rockefeller plaza when melissa and jeremy became mr. and mrs. gephardt. they exchanged vows and became husband and wife. it was a beautiful ceremony despite a little bit of drizzle in the air. you know what they say, the rain means a downpour of good luck in your marriage. >> we can use that a lot. >> and we're here with mr. and mrs. gephardt. natalie mora morales is several blocks from here where the reception is going to take place. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, matt. the place settings are all ready and ready for melissa and family. you can see these personal and designer touches other than des celebrity, colin cowie. i can tell you taking a look at the menu, you guys will want to get a taste of this, smoked salmon napoleon, trufled eggs, appetizing, huh? and the signature cocktails i can't wbelimis and expresso martini, which is colin cowie's and we can't wait to welcome mr. an mrs. gephardt. >> we will send them down in a couple minutes. >> we have a little bit of business first. now that you're mr. and mrs. gephard
Sep 29, 2010 9:00am EDT
revealed the wedding cake for melissa and jeremy. but if you're wondering what to wear, we're going to solve your fashion day dilemma, how do dress up for a fall wedding. it's our honeymoon. but we've parted ways with our old airline credit card that promised flights for 25,000 miles. it was always... [ laughing ] that seat's not happening without a big miles upcharge. a miles upcharge wasn't part of the deal. was i supposed to go without my wife? [ elevator bell dings ] [ grunting ] haha, that was awkward. so we upgraded to the venture card from capital one. we've had it with the games. [ male announcer ] don't pay miles upcharges. don't play games. get the flight you want with the venture card at what's in your wallet? that's why there's lubriderm® daily moisture. it contains the same nutrients naturally found in healthy skin. skin absorbs it better and it lasts for 24 hours. later gator. lubriderm. your moisture matched. later gator. mmmmmm. mmmmmm. wow! you have got to be kidding me. 80 calories? light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading brand.
Sep 1, 2010 7:00am PDT
to him. and we're also going to talk to melissa and jeremy, who you met last week, they of course are our wedding couple. and they live thousands of miles apart. he is now serving in afghanistan. you picked them to get married live here on our plaza next month. so we have got a lot of decisions to make. there they are. we have got a lot of decisions to make, including the ring which we're going to talk about this morning. and also we're going to choose where to have the wedding reception. >> jeremy will be back in about a week. >>> natalee morales standing by at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone. on north carolina's outer banks this morning, residents are being told to evacuate ahead of hurricane earl. the storm has weakened, but it is expected to brush the coast late thursday or early friday. people are stocking up on supplies and being warned that rip currents and strong waves. and we'll have much more on the track of the storm coming from al roker who's in north carolina j off a little bit. >>> president obama says the u.s. role in iraq is now to assist and advise iraqi security
Sep 15, 2010 7:00am EDT
, an emotional reunion for our "today's" wedding bride and groom. last night finally he and melissa were reunited hire in new york, we're going to chat with them and unveil the wedding gown. >>> let's begin with the results of the final primaries before november's midterm elections and what they mean for both parties. we're going to talk to christine o'donnell about her surprise victory in just a moment. but first we're going to talk to kelly o'donnell. >> reporter: well the tea party has toppled conventional wisdom again and here in delaware, the result is both shocking and convincing because it wasn't close. the most popular republican in the state, mike castle, he is out, democrats are suddenly very excited and o'donnell says don't count her out to get the seat that joe biden held for 36 years. >> ladies and gentlemen, the people of delaware have spoken. >> reporter: the conservative rebellion rolls over delaware's republican party brass. >> don't ever underestimate the power of we the people. >> reporter: an upset hard to imagine just a few weeks ago. conservative christine o'donnell was prop
Sep 1, 2010 4:00pm EDT
their primetime slots, of what he wanted discovery channel to cover. >> let's go to melissa shepherd who was in one discovery place when all this went down. explain to us where you were in relation to the lobby and what you heard and what you were instructed to do to get out of the building. >> i was on the third floor on the same side as where the lobby is, and a co-worker same in and said do not leave this room. it houses a lot of consultants. he said don't leave. there's a gunman in the lobby and we didn't. he locked the door and then when we decided to leave, we went out to where the windows were and go see across where the lobby was and the police and saw snipers on the building across from us. police had their rifle pand we were told then to leave and go the to other side of the billing, away from where the lobby was. >> when you were told to leave this was on a public address system or where to go and what to do? >> no, other employees who told us to leave and go to the other side of the building. we were on the other side of the building and they said there was a situation in the
Sep 15, 2010 9:00am EDT
. >> "today's" bride melissa now knows what she will be wearing down the aisle thanks to you our viewers. but what will she be carrying in her purse? i don't know you carried a purse on your big day. but what will all brides be benefited by in case they need a fast fix. we'll have next what they should have in their bag. >> and if you're one of those women who have been in about 16 weddings and have a pile of those bridesmaid's dresses crowding your closet that you never think you're going to wear again. >> we'll tell you some ideas from modern lamp shades to a pillow. >>> "today's" kitchen, we have a simple one skillet supper. pork chops with apples and spice sweet potatoes. it's made for men especially in mind. >> pork chops and applesauce, remember that? >> playing games with the family. >> the whole family, they came together, i'm blanking. i'll do it after the weather. i'll think of it. let's do the weather here. severe weather through the center of the country, otherwise things are looking good here >> good morning. we are off to a nice, quiet start and a little on the cool side bu
FOX News
Sep 8, 2010 3:00pm EDT
happening -- rescues on the roof. one of our correspondents from fox 4 news in dallas melissa cutler is at the apartment house that was evacuated. a mess there, huh, melissa? >> reporter: the apartment complex is basically a moat. it has been one dramatic rescue. one after another after another. the most recent we saw probably a couple of hours ago involved a young mother with her nine month old daughter and her family members were standing around the complex it was a nail biter for them. they turned out to be fine. all those minutes that turn into hours of waiting to see your loved one that really was very dramatic out here for many of us here who have been watching and as i said the family members. the water rushing around the complex basically what turned into a torrent of water just a virtual river where we had an arlington fire truck extend a ladder across to the roof of the complex and then we hear stories of a 67-year-old woman who went downstairs to the apartment and rescuers had to bust the window and pull her out to get her to the rescue ladder and pull her up to safety. tr
Sep 17, 2010 2:00am EDT
contributor melissa harris lacewell. thank you for joining us. >> can we please have the whole hour, rachel? there's a lot here. >> i'm going to make my first question very short so you can just start. huh? what do you make of this, melissa? >> you've got a lot of complicated things going on here. on the one hand, this group of insurgent young women in the gop who are doing something that scholars of women's politics would say is very unlikely. they are running with little experience, with little name recognition, against incumbents. this is precisely why we've said we don't have many women in national government. it's precisely because it is so hard to be a person of less experience running against an incumbent. on the one hand, there's this tiny bit of me that wants to cheer for the fact that you have women candidates willing to be courageous enough to put themselves forward in this very tough political situation. on the other hand, let's be completely clear about the facts here. there is no place in the world and no time in history where restricting women's reproductive rights makes a pe
Sep 21, 2010 11:00pm PDT
. >> la ex secretaria de estado melissa whise. >> el alcalde y varios fueron arrestados de la ciudad de en total ordenaron e lcaso como de corrupción de gran magnitud. robert ganaba 800 mil dólares al año. o sea casi dos veces el sueldo del presidente obama. un niño fue secuestrado por un traficante de seres humanos. dijeron que el niño se separó de su madre. exigieron 4 mil dólares para liberar al niño. >> aumenta el número de muertos en veracruz. tras el huracán carl. en aquel estado fallecieron 14 personas. se tiene registro y hay 489 planteles educativos. >> vamos a la pausa. >> más adelante en acción deportiva con la ayuda del Árbitro se llevan la victoria los merengues. cc1: ♪[ cortina deportes ]. >> que tal, carlos y efraín serán dejado fuera. una multa de 50 mil dólares por faltar a codigos de disciplina. >> son errores como invitados. son convocados en la ciudad de orígen. por coseguir siguen siendo responsables. por lo que están en los reglamentos. >> a tres minutos del final anotaron el gol que perdió el invicto del grupo b. >> arranca la jornada 4 donde el
Sep 10, 2010 4:30am EDT
washington. police say julie bachleitner and bask bafpk were struck by a car -- melissa basque were struck by a car that jumped the median. >> i hope the girls will be all right. >> police arrested the driver, 23-year-old chamica adams. her blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit. no students would talk with us. they were just too upset. >> we have a tremendous outpouring of concern. lots of requests from the students for update and what they can do to help. they are wonderful people and we just wish the best for them. >> all right. 4:37 how the and 9:00 degrees. >> still ahead here on "good morning washington" the nfl kicks off with an n.f.c. championship rematch. we'll have highlights from the first game of the season. >> plus fresh calls into an nvestigation for the district >> 4:40 a.m. on this friday morning. take a look at some of the coldest numbers i could find on our weather bug network. in the 40's. not all that bad. accident, maryland, 43 degrees. western port, maryland, 47. wintergreen, virginia, 49. mainly in the 50's, even some low 60's. here is your forecast today. u
Sep 29, 2010 12:00pm EDT
. -- >> around 3:45 and they woke up to fire. >> melissa garcÍa and her family of activated their sixth-floor apartment after the fire call came in. her younger brother still in his pajamas sat stunned outside of the building hoping for shelter. >>> we are running down the stairs. somq of the 100 residents could not get out. the fire to block a major stairwell, one man already burned jump from a window and died from his injuries at the hospital. -- the fire was blocking a major stairwell. >> the medical help arrives shortly after. it was bizarre to lock up on this and there is nothing you can do. >> some suffered severe burns and are in are in critical condition, including a child. >> many people were arrested or assisted by fire in the ms. -- and ems. >> 3 people are in critical condition at this time. the man who died from his injuries was 30-8 years old. -- 38-years-old. reporting live from2,&rmdi nort, ews. te of low pressure and that is what will impact our area. live doppler radar shows showers across southern maryland just beginning to enter st. mary's county and into portions of
Sep 5, 2010 9:00am PDT
appears where the adult services section was but melissa with prosecution research and education points out ads for sex are still there. >> you look at their website, you'll see they are now on casual encounterers. >> we clicked on and found persons offering sex. >> they are facilitating the buying and selling and marketing of the most vulnerable people in our culture, people in prostitution. >> they have not responded to questions about the new censored icon. we didn't find the company's founder hanging out is at his favorite cafe but his neighbors are quick to defend him. >> he and craigslist have done so much good for the world. some attorney general somewhere wants to trash craigslist, it's really not right. >> some people in the sex industry lies go craigslist will push many women back to the streets. some prostitutes say they get 10-15% of their business through craigslist. analysts believe the sex ads bring in about $36 million for the company. but to melissa, it shouldn't be about money. >> this is a human rights violation. it's violence against women. >> the founder posted a st
Sep 14, 2010 8:00am PDT
a catchy product to match it. so she teamed up with fellow bay area resident melissa jochim, and together, the two began to sow the seeds of how to make skin care feed our skin from the outside in. >> the name itself, juice beauty, lends itself to, well, what if we do science, do chemistry, differently? most skin care products are based in water. what if we start playing and see what we can do with fruit juice-basing? >> turns out all those fruit and vegetable juice bases that are high in antioxidants and vitamins that are good for our overall health are precisely what the skin needs, too. you see, from the green apple body cleanser to the antioxidant serum, each product in the line has a raw ingredient base of 70% or higher and is packed with freshly squeezed juice concentrate--apples, cherries, pomegranates, grapes, raspberries. you name the fruit, and this duo is finding a way for nature to nurture our skin. >> we work with almost 29 different organic fruit juices. that's our start point. and to those juices, you'll see me adding the other 100-plus ingredients that we purchase organica
Sep 4, 2010 6:00am EDT
the melissa stock exchange of tnz. melissa, certainly happy but amazed that we didn't see more injuries or deaths. >> reporter: certainly, some extremely close calls, though, around the city. we've heard from people where they just managed to leap out and get under a doorway where the bricks landed on a pillow. clusters around the city, two people were serious injuries in hospital. so there are people around here that are just so surprised that this has happened. >> melissa, what are some of the immediate needs right now? are a lot of people frankly out of their home or out on the streets? what's the response now from the government? >> i think a lot of people will be at home. they've been told tonight they need to check out the damage to their house. if they think it has been damaged they need to get somewhere else, around 200 people may be gathering at those lac places at the moment. the government has announced a state of emergency. the big problems are the water lines. they have boost in areas and not able to get water into houses. family have been told if they can get water they ne
Sep 29, 2010 7:00am PDT
about cooking and his wife melissa cherished him for it. >> it's his dream. i know he's giving it his all to try and succeed. >> but today she's left alone with the restaurant and her children. >> joe was one most of the beautiful people that i have ever known. just so loved. just so so loved. >> reporter: the restaurant is doing better than when ramsey was here a few years ago. they give ramsey partial credit for that. just last year gordon ramsey came back because he and joe stayed in touch to do a followup show about the show. gordon ramsey released a statement saying that joe was a brilliant chef and that his thoughts go out to his family, friends and his staff. >> jeff rossen, thank you very much. >>> and coming up the man and his four wives who are featured in a new reality show is now under investigation for bigamy. we'll have details on that. first this is "today" on nbc. >> >>> still ahead, ann heads back to middle school. >> and the wrong winner is announced during a reality show's grand finale. >>> good morning to you. it is 7:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. i want t
Sep 29, 2010 7:00am EDT
about cooking and his wife melissa cherished him for it. >> i know he's giving it his all to try and succeed. >> but today she's left alone with the restaurant and her children. >> joe was one most of the beautiful people that i have ever known. just so loved. just so-so loved. >> reporter: the restaurant is doing better than when ramsey was here klthree years ago. gordon ramsey came back because he and joe stayed in touch. gordon ramse released a statement saying that joe was a brilliant chef and that his thoughts go out to his family, friends and his staff. >> jeff rossen, thank you very much. >>and coming up the man and his four wives who are featured in a new ♪ ♪ i like your mes ♪ i like the clothes you wear ♪ i like the way you sing ♪ and when you dance with me ♪ you always make me smil ♪ don't know why i love you [ male announcer ] we believe you're at your best when you can relax and be yourself. and at thousands of newly refreshed holiday inn hotels, you always can. holiday inn. stay you. >>> still ahead, ann heads back to middle school. >> and the wrong win
Sep 18, 2010 5:00am PDT
, thank you very much. >>> now let's head over to the news desk where melissa francis, co-anchor of "the call" on cnbc has more headlines. >> good morning, everyone. the u.s. hiker freed from iran this week is heading back to the u.s. later today. relatives say sarah shourd plans to speak next week when the iranian president is in new york. fellow hikers are still being helded on espionage charges. they've been imprisoned for more than 13 months. >>> now, to afghanistan, where polls are open, despite taliban violence, that has killed at least ten people. some 2500 candidates are vying for 249 parliamentary seats. these are the first parliamentary elections since the fall of the taliban. >>> new hope for the 33 chilean miners trapped 2,000 feet under ground. a 12-inch drill was welcomed by the miners as it punched its way into the top of the chamber. a wider drill must now make a 28-inch hole so the miners can squeeze through. a process that could still take a few weeks. >>> and lindsay lohan has failed a court-ordered drug test. the troubled star admitted on her twitter page late last ni
Sep 7, 2010 12:00pm EDT
's an all-time high for this president. i'm joined now by cnbc's melissa francis. if we're looking at the things he's trying to do here, i mean, they've got several options on the table now, melissa. they have the business tax credit for research and development. they're talking about a payroll tax holiday. and those are things that you and i have discussed at length at previous times. extending the middle class tax cut. and then this proposal that he announced in milwaukee over the weekend, that he wants to put a lot more money toward repairing the nation's infrastructure. of those, which do you think the president gets the most bang for the buck in terms of putting people back to work? >> well, it's interesting. it's probably not the infrastructure, if you had to guess, right? because this is the second time that he has tried this. he put aside $48 billion for those shovel-ready jobs. that was supposed to go to infrastructure. according to the "wall street journal," only about $17 billion of that has been spent so far. some are wondering, we're going to put another $50 billion to
Sep 8, 2010 9:00pm EDT
the strategy is princeton university professor and msnbc contributor melissa harris-lacewell. great to see you. thanks for being here. >> absolutely. happy birthday. >> well, thank you. to the show, not to me. >> to the show. of course. >> we're so proud. why does it help politically to have a single politician personify the opposition party? obviously the president plays that role for the republicans but why are democrats picking one guy to be the republican number one? >> well, i mean, obviously the problem of the mid term election is exactly as you framed it here that it's clear who the bad guy is on the in party. it's the president. it's part of why the president's party typically loses seats in a mid term election. voters, you know, will vote for a new president hoping that all kinds of things will change. only some things change. so the way they can demonstrate their discontent presumably is by voting against the party of the president. and, therefore, you know, they have this bad guy. they've got barack obama. but what does, you know, what do democrats have? well, they just have this am
Sep 15, 2010 11:00pm PDT
a baby tonight. hoffman showed up for work tonight. a lot of people showing up. melissa miller, big facebook model. joe and jennifer montana, they live in the millenium building right across the street. great pisk again between the bandit it and several right in the middle of broken ache. it scores cal vinces in china. play at the plate, here comes aubrey huff. he is safe. that is the new father. go home and kiss the baby. jint giants win it 2-1. they are just right here on nbc bay area. >>> the rays tonight after a cahill allowed six runs in five innings, four of them right here. if though elude the games and the series about 236 what soleout rpgs. i thought we were making a mistake that we western playing loose. guys western cutting it right. get them back to. jason campbell at nightmare today. no one-results that took dirchtsz in the reason area. h his. these saneer cats today reintroducing kech and has been in examine next take twoorp a four legal title it get it growing again. and see and weapon the fans having. no word is on santa clara. >>> when we come back, it takes an exec
Sep 4, 2010 11:00pm PDT
for melissa. >> this is a human rights violation. it's violence against women. >> reporter: the craigslist founder posted a statement on his twitter page at 10:00 tonight. he said, everyone, thanks for your support, not only here but on discussionboards everywhere. it means a great deal to me. >>> when talking about this issue in the past, he told me he believed it's their responsibility to do the right thing in the eyes of law enforcement. and he says there are other ads that are far more and is economies sit on other web sites then craigslist. >> alan: investigators searched the pittsburg landfill inch above inch, look can for signs of a man they fear may be the fifth victim in a bizarre crime spree. >> there is a lot of debris here. it is very time-consuming. >> reporter: sifting through an acre of land and 3,000 tons of trash is taking days. the lan foil is the police department's strongest lead. >> looking for frederick. >> frederick is still missing, his father ricardo was found killed in this hercules home on saturday, the last time anyone saw frederick. the owner of the home is cin
Sep 12, 2010 1:00am PDT
. >>> update news reporter melissa had the chance to catch up with the new head coach to get his how the on san jose's home opener against southern utah. already so the first opening home game against southern utah, how important is it to have fans and other people come out and support the team. >> it important. they are playing their first home opener. so they are excited about our team and we are excited about it and you know we are coming off two teams and he we are playing inventory of 100,000 fans. so we want to put on a good should show for them. what do you say to all the people that saw last season. what do you say to get them pumped up and the differences in this team team? >> i think this team is is a group of men that are fighting hard and improving every day and have a willing spirit to form well and represent their school really well. >> going into this season, do you have a main goal that you want to be accomplished in. >> i want us to you don't have every week and that's a big deal for us. can any special events planned for the first game of the season. i think they have a lot o
Sep 29, 2010 11:00pm PDT
to the company using a shady trick. >> reporter: when melissa lee took out a loan in 2002 to get her masters in education, it all seemed simple. >> we were on a coupon system. >> reporter: at $72 a month, the payments were so low, she even paid in advance. >> i was paying early every month. >> reporter: the company with her loan doesn't send out paper statements. so she never checked her account until 2008. that's when she realized it looks like most of her payments were going to interest only. >> nothing went to principal. >> reporter: and he -- her loan amount had hardly gone down in eight years. so what's going on accounting professor says if you don't pay down principal, your loan amount could actually go up instead of down. the adjusted loan amount is supposed to show up every month. but in lee's case, that piece of information is missing. >> there is no column that says principal outstanding at any point in time. from the account summary it's difficult to figure out what's going on. >> reporter: but this man has figured it out, he says. >> if they do not receive a payment within 30 day
Sep 9, 2010 3:30am PDT
and the community of san francisco, and start trying to build community. then, it changed to melissa. she carried over, and we had more projects, and we kept coming back, and then, it started to go national. started happening in detroit and reno. if you want this to continue, you have to go and give. it does not happen without your support and supporting your community. i know we all do it in different ways, but you have to try to find a way to do more so that stuff like this can continue happen. with that, tomas is going to talk a little bit about the project and the people responsible for it. [applause] >> he just said everything i was going to say, except when we saw this ship last year -- i do not know how many of you were there -- and friday night, when the incredible thing happened that nobody thought could happen -- this rock actually launched, and as it was out there, i had a feeling that it would probably land right here. thank you all for coming out. i do need to thank a number of people that made this possible. chad, andrea lesser l --ester -- lester, thank you all so much, and also, t
Sep 8, 2010 7:00am EDT
as the eye can see. we have more wedding planning to do. melissa and jer emy and their wedding date is fast approaching. in a moment we will reveal the pick for their reception location where they will exchange vows. >> cool news. melissa is here with her mom. you know what else is happening? jeremy is on his way back from afghanistan today. he will be with us for the first time out on the plaza next week. great news. >> wonderful. coming up this morning, we talked about earlier this morning, the lion attack. we will talk to the guy who shot this videotape and it's amazing that he held the camera pretty steady. that is a frightening moment. the trainer, by the way, just needing stitches, but a dramatic moment. >> okay. also a programming note. this young fellow on the end and i will be heading into a plane in a little while off to new orleans. we will bring you the show from there tomorrow. at least half of the show in the city that is ready for football after the saints won the super bowl earlier this year. thanks in part to that guy right there. drew breeze. we will spend time down in the
Sep 9, 2010 11:00pm EDT
and we wish the best for them. >> the latest information on their conditions, melissa is listed in critical condition at a local hospital, and juliet is listed in grave condition. -- and julia is listed in grave condition. horace holmes, abc 7 news. >>> new problems for britney spears. performer bodyguard is suing her, -- her former bodyguard is suing her, saying that she repeatedly exposed herself to him. spears says investigators have looked into the accusations and closed the case. kevin federline says he believes the lawsuit is financially motivated. >>> apple has come forward with guidelines for applications. it's as it will block applications that don't do something useful or provide lasting entertainment. the company says it does not need any more apps that let off embarrassing sounds for pranksters. >>> crab gas does not know that it is in a drought. outside tonight, a delightful day. great day for sailing with northwesterly wind it. the temperatures, overnight tonight, maybe below 60 degrees. the last time we were below 60 ago.shington, 111 days that is the kind of summ
Sep 10, 2010 12:00pm EDT
condition and melissa from france is critically injured. it happened on 18th and florida avenue in adams morgan in northwest. the driver named shamejaeka adams had a high blood alcohol level. >>> an entire neighborhood in california went up in flames in san bruno. >> the massive fire roared through this residential neighborhood of san bruno throughout the night. fire officials confirmed a 24- inch gas main explosion was responsible for the fire that produced dozens of homes to ash. >> it was 100 feet in them. >> we cannot get close to them until they could shut down the lines. >> people ran for their lives. >> i said oh my god. >> you could feel the intensity of the fire. >> the blaze was preceded by a loud explosion and a big fireball. burning embers swept throughout the neighborhood broadlands starting more fires, if incinerating houses, cars, trucks. people began rushing to get belongings from their houses. 40 houses were destroyed. 120 others damaged. >> my heart was beating fast because the fire was so close to other houses and neighbors. >> the crews battled the flames on the groun
Sep 9, 2010 11:30pm EDT
head trauma. melissa bass is from france. she has a broken leg and serious facial and head injuries. both are student us at johns hopkins. >> it's a horrible tragedy and we are deeply shocked this happened and hopeful there will be a speedy recovery. >> reporter: adams, 23, has been charged with aggrevated assault. she was given two blood alcohol tests. both double the deal limit in the district. witnesses told news 4 in the moments after the accident, adams was yelling that someone had drugged her. neither was treated for injuries. both of the students' families are on their way here from europe. back to you. >> thank you. >>> metro ordered nearly 100 buses off the road today because of a safety concern. they are removing 99 buses from service to fix a pump. metro will shift buses from other divisions to minimize impact to customers. >>> for the fourth time in a year, a metro access bus driver has been accused of sexual misconduct tonight, the company is standing by its policies. >> reporter: a metro access van driver is accused of fondling a disabled passenger late last month. 59-
Sep 10, 2010 4:30am EDT
, her injuries are said to be life threatening. melissa from france suffered a broken leg and serious head injuries. both are students at johns hopkins university school of advanced international studies near dupont circle. >> it's a horrible tragedy. and we are deeply shocked that this happened and hopeful that there will be a speedy recovery for the students involved. >>> adams has been charged with a dwi and aggravated assault. >> for the fourth time this year, a metro access driver is being accused of sexual misconduct. 59-year-old samuel king ston allegedly fondled a passenger late last month in silver spring. kingston grabbed a woman with palsy. >> satisfied with the fact that they have an adequate screening process. you get a couple of bad apples when you have this many employees and different types of transportation situations. >> the company that owns challenger transportation released a statement that says in part, quote, every drive in the metro access service must go through a background check prior to employment. we strongly believe the incident of alleged abuse are isola
Sep 15, 2010 4:30am EDT
. a car hit her and a fellow student, melissa bass, before running into a restaurant. she died from herinjuries last night. the 26-year-old was from austria and a grad student at the hopkins school of advanc international studies. she spent her first year in italy before coming to washington. >> all of us are devastated. those very close friends who spent a year in italy and now have come to washington are particularly devastated. >> the driver involved has been chard with aggravated assault and dring while xokted. >> one of the three american hikers detained in iran is waking up a free woman this morning. sarah shourd was reloosed after a year in jail. she flew to amman where she reunited with her mother. e said her thoughts were with the two americans she had to leave behind. >> my first priority is to help my fiancee josh fattal and my friend shane bauer. >> bail was paid yesterday but it is not yet clear who paid it. u.s. officials are calling for the release of shane bauer and josh fattal. showered was with them in iraq when they strayed across the unmarked border. >>> a scare
Sep 21, 2010 11:00pm EDT
. melissa esposito, an endocrinologist, sd many of her patients found yoga and acupuncture to be helpful, but there hasn't been much scientific support. >> when they do acupuncture, they generally feel less stress and less anxiety, and they feel good doing it. >> tammy brant is convinced it was those homeopathic therapies that allowed her to calm down ask getant jack is now five months old. >> you have to be in a good place toaise somebody else. >> the rearchers looked at another possibility of stress, cortisol. but in that case th found in connection between cortisol and pregnancy. on >> once they start moving, watch out. >>> some more changes ahead? >> you know, winter -- winter? winter starts in about three months, actually. summer officially ends tomorrow evening at 11:09, but you won know it by the forecast. beautiful night out there tonight, fountains going, the moon looking great as well. almost a full moon as it continues to rise this evening. we'll continue to see a very nice night with clear skies. we're looking at very ni conditions across the area. we saw a high temperature o
Sep 10, 2010 6:00pm EDT
been studying conflict management and the other student, melissa is starting her second year and our program is studying energy resources and environment. >> reporter: alcohol inspectors are investigate in the investigation. adam has had no prior arrests and has a 8:00 curfew with court supervision. >> reporter: both women suffered head injuries and one suffered an injury that is more severe. we understand one of them is in grave condition and their parents arrived here from leave seas. >>> coming up next, crews are toll and why officials fear the number of casualties will rise. >>> plus, new information is revealed about what may have fueled a deadly ramp age at a food plant in pennsylvania. >> officials say the number of deaths in a massive gas explosion in san francisco could rise. four people are confirmed dead and crews continue searching house-by-house looking for victims. 52 people were also injured. some with critical burns in the fire that destroyed more than 50 homes. san bruno's ma going to be a rough road ahead for his community. >> on behalf of the entire city council, i
Sep 15, 2010 6:00pm EDT
and that is what i hope happens. and i know that is melissa's hope. is that the honor and dignity of arlington is restored. >>> the grave remains were correct. >>> a rescue organization that was supposed to save horses, instead accused of starving them. the west virginia operation was shut down and 53 horses seized. late today, one of the horses died and about 20 more were adopted. sherri ly has the latest from martinsburg. >> reporter: when county sheriff's deputies found the horses, they were malnourished and emaciated, many had ribs and bones protruding. >> the horses are standing 24 hours a day in front of the bails of hey and just eating. >> reporter: 8 horses were already dead or had to be put down. the veterinarian christine bridges is working night and day trying to save the 53 others that survived. >> and you think you can save them? >> i'm trying. we're helpful. >> reporter: investigators seized them from a non-profit that touted itself as a sanctuary for rescued horses. some of the animals here are former racehorses like this one. two months ago, it was brought to the rescue farm. i
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